Symphony Project


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Re:Thinking polymer technology

The catalyst for the Symphony Project was ongoing research and innovation by Xeros engineers. Now, all the polymer technology required to retrofit a commercial washing machine is packaged into a simple pedestal.

  • Compatible with nearly any size or brand of conventional commercial washer
  • Add water, energy, and chemistry saving features to your line of commercial washing machines and save your customers thousands of dollars in annual operating expenses
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Re:Acting with purpose

We are making our proprietary technology ’OPEN SOURCE’ and available to all commercial laundry stakeholders. It is now our prime purpose to make the world’s laundry rooms more sustainable, together.

  • Free access to our Polymer Technology, product designs, IoT platform, and our entire commercial laundry eco-system to any participating partner
  • Our goal is to integrate Xeros technologies into your product line to deliver a greater quality output and more sustainable results for your customers

Re:Inventing the commercialization process

The Symphony Project integrates with your brand’s product development teams; providing prototyping and engineering resources to accelerate your introduction of new products to market.

  • The Symphony Project will develop a prototype pedestal FREE OF CHARGE for your evaluation
  • Our goal is to enable you to disrupt the market without disruption to your day-to-day business
  • We will support the launch of your pedestal

Re:Storing the environment

Let’s reduce resources and tackle sustainability together

Tried and tested Xeros polymer science can reduce water usage by up to 80% and, since polymer cleaning requires very little hot water, the carbon output from laundry rooms can also be reduced by over 83%.


It is estimated that hotels around the world with on-premise laundries use 57 billion gallons of water annually to process the laundry generated from guest rooms.
We can reduce this, together.


To heat enough water to clean hotel guest room laundry, over 2.6 billion pounds of carbon is generated and released into the atmosphere.
We can stop this, together.

Re:Thinking partnership


The Symphony Project is an innovative technology collaborative with a mission to improve the sustainability of the world’s laundry rooms. Xeros provides anyone who joins the Symphony Project with ‘open source’ access to Xeros technologies including the designs for a simple pedestal that is compatible with nearly any size or brand of commercial washer.

The Symphony Project enables the laundry industry to join in a conversation about sustainability in an open, collaborative way. The invitation to participate is for the entire industry from washing machine brands, to laundry room operators, to water and energy suppliers, and others.

Contact us now to discuss how we can make this happen

Together we will make a difference. Our invention is for the entire industry. Contact us via phone or the form below if you would like us to build you a FREE prototype.

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